LG Artcool Mirror AC24BQ.NSK complete system

LG Artcool Mirror AC24BQ.NSK complete system
Brand: LG Electronics
Product Code: AC24BQ.NSK
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The LG Artcool Mirror AC24BQ.NSK is the newest model in this series, being a 7kw system.  This means it is capable of providing heating and cooling to rooms up to 70 square metres.  Not only do these units have a stunning design with a sleek indoor units, but they also include plenty of features, providing both style and substance.  These units have a silent mode, so you can have the optimum air conditioning you require, to a silent level.  The indoor units now also have the option to be controlled by Wi-Fi.  This means you can either control it by the remote controller included free of charge, or simply control it by your phone.  You can now say goodbye to the hassle of looking for a Wi-Fi adaptor compatible with these units.  This system uses 1/4" and 5/8" copper, so if you require installation equipment from us as well, please make sure to purchase a kit C.  For more information, please look at the technical information below. 

Split air conditioning & heat pump system should be installed by qualified personnel holding an FGAS Certificate.

All indoor units now have Wi-Fi built in.

  • Includes outdoor unit, indoor unit and remote controller
  • Max cooling: 5.5kw
  • Max heating: 6.4kw
  • SCOP: 4.00
  • SEER: 6.50
  • Pre-charged to 15 metres
  • 3 year parts warranty

  LG Artcool Mirror AC24BQ.NSK Information