Toshiba Daiseikai 5Kw High Wall System

Toshiba Daiseikai 5Kw High Wall System
Brand: Toshiba
Product Code: RAS-B16N3KVP
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Toshiba Daiseikai wall mounted systems use twin rotary compressors to give optimum energy performance and reduce running costs. The largest model the RAS-B16N3KVP offers one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool a room up to 50 square meters in size. The air filtration system on the indoor unit can remove dust, pollen spores and bacteria from the air and so improve air quality should you suffer from allergies such as hay fever. The outdoor unit can be located up to 25 meters away from the indoor unit to give complete installation flexibility when installing the system, we also offer a full range of install products to fit this system.

This equipment should be installed by personnel holding an FGAS Certificate, and we will require evidence of this. Please contact us if you would like installation.

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