Toshiba Daiseikai 2.5Kw Wall Mounted System

Toshiba Daiseikai 2.5Kw Wall Mounted System
Brand: Toshiba
Product Code: RAS-B10N3KVP
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The premium range of air heat pumps and air conditioners from Toshiba are the Daiseikai range. The smallest the 2.5kw model RAS-B10N3KVP is A++ for its heating efficiency. All models use twin rotary compressors with hybrid inverter control to achieve this efficiency of all operating ranges. All models also have a plasma air purifier to ensure the highest air quality. This system is can capture airborne particles down to 1micron which is particularly useful if you suffer from allergies.

This equipment should be installed by personnel holding an FGAS Certificate, and we will require evidence of this. Please contact us if you would like installation.

Toshiba Daiseikai 2.5kw  Toshiba Daiseikai Heat Pump