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 Ventilation Heat Exchangers VN-M150HE
Toshiba offer a range of ventilation heat exchangers which are highly efficient at providing fresh a..
Ex Tax: £840.83

Toshiba Daiseikai 2.5Kw Wall Mounted System
The premium range of air heat pumps and air conditioners from Toshiba are the Daiseikai range. The s..
Ex Tax: £988.33

Toshiba Estia HWS-804H-E Air To Water Heat Pump
The Toshiba Estia range of air to water heat pumps are widely regarded as some of the best on the ma..
Ex Tax: £3,696.67

Toshiba Floor Console 2.5kw Heat Pump
Toshiba manufacture a range of console floor mounted systems that are ideally suited to home install..
Ex Tax: £835.83

Toshiba Twin Multi Heat Pump System
The Toshiba range of multi split systems start with twin outlet RAS-2M14S3AV-E model that can have d..
Ex Tax: £1,132.50

Daiseikai 3.5Kw Inverter Heat Pump
The technology used in the Daiseikai range of air heat pumps and air conditioners makes them one of ..
Ex Tax: £1,039.17

Toshiba Air To Water Heat Pump
Suited to medium sizes properties upwards the Toshiba Estia HWS-1104H-E is rated at 14kw output and ..
Ex Tax: £4,459.17

Toshiba Console Heat Pump RAS-B13UFV
The floor console units from Toshiba can be wall or floor mounted where as most other manufacturers ..
Ex Tax: £970.00

Toshiba Twin Split System RAS-2M18S3AV-E
Toshiba outdoor compressor units are noted for their long life and running economy. The larger model..
Ex Tax: £1,203.33

Toshiba Ventilation Heat Exchanger VN-M250HE
Adequate ventilation in new buildings is often difficult with buildings being effectively sealed fro..
Ex Tax: £865.83

Estia HWS-1404H-E Heat Pump - Air To Water
Suited to medium sizes properties upwards the Toshiba Estia HWS-1404H-E is rated at 14kw output and ..
Ex Tax: £4,748.33

Toshiba Daiseikai 5Kw High Wall System
Toshiba Daiseikai wall mounted systems use twin rotary compressors to give optimum energy performanc..
Ex Tax: £1,256.67

Toshiba Floor Console Inverter System RAS-B18UFV
If you are looking for a powerful floor mounted style inverter air heat pump the Toshiba RAS-B18UFV ..
Ex Tax: £1,185.00

Toshiba Triple Multi System RAS-3M26S3AV-E
The Toshiba multi split system RAS-3M26S3AV-E comprises the outdoor unit and 3 indoor high wall moun..
Ex Tax: £1,938.33

Toshiba Ventilation Heat Recovery VN-M350HE
The middle range VN-M350HE model heat recovery unit is suited for large houses and medium size offic..
Ex Tax: £994.17

Toshiba Heat Recovery Unit VN-M500HE
Building regulations require that ventilation systems should be energy efficient in use. The Toshiba..
Ex Tax: £1,203.33

Toshiba Multisplit RAS-4M27S3AV-E - 4 Indoor Units
The RAS-4M27S3AV-E multi split outdoor unit manufactured by Toshiba can be connected to 4 indoor uni..
Ex Tax: £2,437.50

Estia Domestic Water tanks
Toshiba produce a range of domestic hot water tanks designed to be partnered with their Estia range ..
Ex Tax: £789.17

Toshiba Multisplit RAS-5M34S3AV-E - 5 Indoor Units
The largest model available in the Toshiba range of multi air heat pump units is the model RAS-5M34S..
Ex Tax: £2,870.00

Toshiba VN-M650HE Ventilation Unit
If you require fresh air and ventilation to your building the Toshiba VN-M650HE is the largest model..
Ex Tax: £1,337.50