Pool Heating

A range of swimming pool heat pumps from Hydropro including the Eco, Standard and Inverter range. This range of swimming pool heat pumps from Hydropro offers economical swimming pool heating with each range being suitable for heating swimming pools at different times of the year. The Eco range are suitable for heating above ground pools used in the summer months typically from May until September. The smallest model the A5/32 is suitable for above ground pools with up to 16 cubic metres of water in with the larger A10/32 model suitable for pools with a pool volume of 35 cubic metres of water. The standard swimming pool heat pump range offers an extended range of months where swimming pools can be heated typically from March until November, there are a number of models in the range suitable for swimming pools of different sizes. Medium sized swimming pools with 45 cubic metres of water we would recommend the P12/32 model and for larger swimming pool sizes up to 70 cubic metres of water the P20/32 model would be suitable. If you have a pool you want to heat all year-round, we would recommend the inverter range, these have larger heat exchangers and give a greater heat output during the coldest months of the year. For smaller swimming pools up to 60 cubic metres water volume the PX11/32 model is worth considering, for larger pool volumes of 130 cubic metres of water in the recommended model would be the PX25/32, this is also available in a 3 phase electricity format.

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