TZ Compact Wall Mounted

The new Panasonic TZ range are now even more compact with a 779mm width, as well as now featuring the well known PM2,5 filter to help catch all hazardous pollutants as well as house dust and pollen.  Using the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, as well being an inverter plus range this is most definitely one to consider.  This range has 7 units: a 2kw, 2.5kw, 3.5kw, 4.2kw, 5kw, 6kw, 7.1kw.

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Panasonic CS-TZ20WKEW Compact System
Take a look at the Panasonic CS-TZ20WKEW compact wall mounted system which uses the new R32 refriger..
Ex Tax: £587.50

Panasonic Compact CS-TZ25WKEW Wall Mount
The Panasonic CS-TZ25WKEW system is most definitely their most compact range, with a width of only 7..
Ex Tax: £676.67

Panasonic Compact CS-TZ35WKEW Air Conditioner
Check out the newly designed Panasonic CS-TZ35WKEW, that uses the more environmentally friendly R32 ..
Ex Tax: £782.50

Panasonic Compact CS-TZ42WKEW Heat Pump
Take a look at the Panasonic CS-TZ42WKEW compact wall mounted system, rated as a 4.2kw system. ..
Ex Tax: £933.33

Panasonic CS-TZ50WKEW Compact System
The newly designed Panasonic CS-TZ50WKEW compact wall mounted system is capable of providing quality..
Ex Tax: £995.83

Panasonic CS-TZ60WKEW Compact Heat Pump
Take a look at the Panasonic CS-TZ60WKEW wall mounted system.  With Wi-Fi already installed and..
Ex Tax: £1,231.67

Panasonic Compact CS-TZ71WKEW Inverter System
The Panasonic CS-TZ71WKEW is the largest system in this range, being rated as a 7.1kw system.  ..
Ex Tax: £1,420.83