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Panasonic Etherea Wall Heat Pump CS-Z42TKEW

Panasonic Etherea Wall Heat Pump CS-Z42TKEW
Brand: Panasonic
Product Code: CS-Z42TKEW
Availability: In Stock
Price: £1,000.00
Ex Tax: £833.33

Not all manufacturers make a 4.2kw wall mounted heat pump system, Panasonic however offer the CS-Z42TKEW model in the Etherea range. All Etherea models have the option to fit a hardwired controller which has full weekly timer facilities. These models also feature intelligent running which monitors various room factors to reduce energy consumption. The system comes complete with outdoor unit, indoor unit and remote control.

This model includes the new R32 refrigerant gas.

Etherea wall heat pump from Panasonic    Panasonic etherea wall heat pump