Mitsubishi SRK20ZSX-W Heat Pump

Mitsubishi SRK20ZSX-W Heat Pump
Brand: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Product Code: SRK20ZSX-W
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The ZSX range from Mitsubishi offer high COP values and are extremely efficient in heating mode. The Mitsubishi SRK20ZSX-W is the smallest model in the range, however it still offers a maximum heat output of 4.3Kw in heating mode. These air heat pumps can also be switched into air conditioning mode in the summer if required.  We also have an installation Kit, Kit A to install this system that includes all the necessary parts required.

This model uses the latest R32 environmentally friendly refrigerant gas. Installation kits are also available for this model, if an installation kit is required see installation "Kit A" in the installation kits category.

This equipment should be installed by personnel holding an FGAS Certificate, and we will require evidence of this. Please contact us if you would like installation.

Mitsubishi SRK20ZSX-W model
Comes complete with indoor, outdoor unit and controller
Maximum heating 4.3Kw - Maximum cooling 3.1Kw
Energy efficiency  heating SCOP 4.13 - Cooling SEER 7.40
Pre charged to 15 meters
3 years parts warranty

Mitsubishi SRK20ZSX-S wall heat pump