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A complete range of Mitsubishi wall mounted air heat pumps and air conditioner systems.

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Mitsubishi SRK25ZSP-W Inverter Wall Mounted
The entry level Mitsubishi SRK25ZSP-W model offers an inverter controlled air conditioner and heat p..
Ex Tax: £432.50

SRK35ZSP-W Wall Heat Pump
This is a wall mounted inverter heat pump model SRK35ZSP-W manufactured by Mitsubishi. The inverter ..
Ex Tax: £500.00

Mitsubishi SRK45ZSP-W Wall Heat Pump
This is a wall mounted inverter heat pump model SRK45ZSP-S manufactured by Mitsubishi. The inverter ..
Ex Tax: £626.67

Mitsubishi SRK25ZS-W Inverter Heat Pump
Mitsubishi have released a brand new standard inverter range of wall mounted heat pumps and air cond..
Ex Tax: £547.50

Mitsubishi SRK35ZS-W Air Conditioning Heat Pump
Mitsubishi have been making wall air conditioners and heat pumps for many years hence the host of fe..
Ex Tax: £640.83

Mitsubishi SRK50ZS-W Inverter Air Conditioner
The Mitsubishi SRK50ZS-W inverter air conditioner offers full heating and cooling operation to provi..
Ex Tax: £737.50

Mitsubishi SRK63ZR-W Air Conditioning Heat Pump
There are three Mitsubishi models in the ZR-W wall mounted heat pump and air conditioning range. Thi..
Ex Tax: £970.83

Mitsubishi SRK71ZR-W Air Conditioner - Heat Pump
The Mitsubishi SRK71ZR-W wall mounted air conditioner and heat pump can save up to 45% in energy cos..
Ex Tax: £1,147.50

Mitsubishi SRK80ZR-W Wall Inverter
The SRK80ZR-W wall inverter system combines the ability to switch between heating and air conditioni..
Ex Tax: £1,320.83

Mitsubishi SRK20ZSX-W Heat Pump
The ZSX range from Mitsubishi offer high COP values and are extremely efficient in heating mode. The..
Ex Tax: £653.33

Mitsubishi SRK25ZSX-W Inverter Wall Mounted
The Mitsubishi ZSX range of inverter heat pumps are engineered primarily for the heating abilities a..
Ex Tax: £703.33

Mitsubishi SRK35ZSX-W Air Heat Pump
If you are looking for an energy saving inverter heat pump that can also air conditioning in the sum..
Ex Tax: £825.00

Mitsubishi SRK50ZSX-W
The SCOP value of a heat pump is the ratio of input to output power. This Mitsubishi wall mounted mo..
Ex Tax: £979.17

Mitsubishi SRK60ZSX-W Inverter
The high performance SRK60ZSX-W model air heat pump offers high heating and cooling values at 8.7kw ..
Ex Tax: £1,042.50

MHI WF-RAC Wireless Wi-Fi Module
MHI WF-RAC Wireless Wi-Fi Module. If you wish to control your Mitsubishi air conditioning heat pump ..
Ex Tax: £89.17