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SAF Ventilation

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries produce the SAF range of fresh air ventilation units that are suitable for commercial and domestic premises.These start from the SAF250E4 model with a airflow of 250 litres up to the SAF1000E4 model.

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SAF250E6 Ventilation Unit
The SAF Ventilation unit model SAF250E6 is a compact sized unit that offers ventilation and fresh ai..
Ex Tax: £714.17

Mitsubishi SAF350E6 Ventilation Heat Exchanger
The Mitsubishi SAF range of ventilation and heat exchanger units offer a number of running modes to ..
Ex Tax: £816.67

Mitsubishi SAF500E6 Ventilation Unit
The Mitsubishi range of fresh air ventilation units allow a fresh air and ventilation supply input t..
Ex Tax: £925.00

SAF800E6 Ventilation Unit
The Mitsubishi SAF800E6 offers up to 800 cubic meters per hour airflow the unit can be used for heat..
Ex Tax: £1,341.67

Mitsubishi SAF1000E6 Ventilation Heat Exchanger
The largest fresh air and ventilation unit in the Mitsubishi range is the SAF1000E6 model with up to..
Ex Tax: £1,563.33