Mitsubishi SCM60ZS-W System

Mitsubishi SCM60ZS-W System
Brand: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
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The Mitsubishi SCM60ZS-W outdoor unit can be connected to 3 indoor units of varying outputs and styles. We have only shown it connected to high wall units but there are lots of other styles of indoor units that it can be connected to it. Each indoor unit can be independently temperature controlled in the same mode the system is set to, for instance unit 1 - 20 °c heating, unit 2 -22 °c heating, unit 3 -18 °c heating. This system can provide a reliable heating source down to outside air temperatures as low as -15°c. The latest wall indoor units also have full timer facilities that can be pre programmed individually. This system can also provide air conditioning also if required.

  • One outdoor unit and three indoor units
  • Maximum pipework length - 40 metres
  • Uses R32 environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • 3 year parts warranty
  • Mitsubishi SCM60ZS-W - Fitting Kit A required

Mitsubishi Multi Split Technical Brochure