A range of multi split heat pump and air conditioning systems from Mitsubishi starting from the SCM45ZJ-S model upwards.

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Mitsubishi SCM45ZS-W Multisplit System
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries produce a range of multi air heat pumps systems that can be used for hea..
Ex Tax: £1,466.67

Mitsubishi SCM60ZS-W System
The Mitsubishi SCM60ZS-W outdoor unit can be connected to 3 indoor units of varying outputs and styl..
Ex Tax: £2,260.00

Mitsubishi SCM80ZS-W Multi System
One of the larger multi output air conditioners and heat pump systems the Mitsubishi SCM80ZS-W can h..
Ex Tax: £3,044.17

SCM100ZS-W Inverter Multi System
The Mitsubishi SCM100ZS-W inverter multi outdoor unit can have between 3 to 5 indoor units connected..
Ex Tax: £3,615.83

Mitsubishi SCM125ZM-S
Multi air conditioning and heat pump systems main advantage over split systems is the space saved ou..
Ex Tax: £4,466.67