SRF50ZSX-W Heat Pump

SRF50ZSX-W Heat Pump
Brand: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Product Code: SRF50ZSX-W
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The Mitsubishi SRF50ZSX-W low wall mounted air conditioner and heat pump system consists of a stylish low wall mounted indoor unit, outdoor unit and infra red hand held remote controller. The SRF50ZSX-W Indoor unit takes air from the room into the centre portion of the unit then distributes the conditioned air via the lower and top louvers. Mode control for heating, cooling and drying can be set manually or put into automatic mode where the system will work out itself if it needs to go into heating or cooling mode, depending on the set temperature.

This equipment should be installed by personnel holding an FGAS Certificate, and we will require evidence of this. Please contact us if you would like installation.

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