Mitsubishi SRF25ZS-W Floor Mounted Heat pump

Mitsubishi SRF25ZS-W Floor Mounted Heat pump
Brand: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Product Code: SRF25ZS-W
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Mitsubishi offer a range of floor mounted systems that can operate in heating and air conditioning mode. The smallest model the SRF25ZS-W offers up to 4.7kw in heating mode and 3.2kw in cooling mode. This model is suited for heating and cooling smaller size conservatories and other domestic applications. Heating a conservatory with the SRF25ZS-W can save considerable costs compared to electric only heating systems, with its ability to maintain heat output on the coldest of days.

This equipment should be installed by personnel holding an FGAS Certificate, and we will require evidence of this. Please contact us if you would like installation.

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