Mitsubishi Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112VHA

Mitsubishi Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112VHA
Brand: Mitsubishi Electric
Product Code: PUHZ-SHW112VHA
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The Zubadan ranges of heat pumps are able to offer reliable heating for properties in cold climates. Mitsubishi Electric has designed the Zubadan heat pumps with a compressor flash injection refrigeration circuit. This technology ensures that the heat pump maintains its full heating output at low temperatures when normally deigned heat pumps heating outputs decline. This model the Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112VHA model operates of a 230 volts electrical supply and has a maximum heating output of 14Kw. The Zubadan models will work effectively even when the outside air temperature drops to -25°c, ensuring that the building heating temperature is maintained even in extreme weather conditions.

  • Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112VHA
  • Flash injection technologhy to ensure heating down to -25°c outside air temperature
  • Maximum heating output 14 Kilowatts
  • 230 volts single phase model

Mitsubishi Zubadan

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