Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan

The Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan units offer class leading heating performance down to extremely low outside air temperatures and are ideal for heating applications in colder climates. This low temperature performance is achieved by use of Mitsubishi Electric's flash injection refrigeration circuit that reintroduces refrigerant into the compressor refrigeration circuit for a second time. This enables the Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan heat pump range to give full rated heating output at temperatures of -15 °c, with heating output available down to an outside air temperature of -25°c. Another key feature of this technology is that this allows the heating system to operate over extended heating periods. All air to air heat pumps require to go into defrost mode due to ice build-up on the outdoor unit, but the Zubadan technology means this time is greatly reduced meaning the heat pump can switch back into heating mode far more quickly than most heat pumps.

The Mitsubishi Zubadan range can be used with a number of different types of indoor units such as wall mounted or ducted styles, to offer air to air heating. Alternatively the Zubadan units can be used in conjunction with a hydrobox, in this type of configuration the system can then be used as an air to water heat pump.

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