Zen Wall Mounted

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures a whole host of systems that can be used as air conditioners and heat pumps these can be used for year round heating and cooling. The majority of customers these days mainly buy these systems for their heating abilities with the cooling being an added bonus. One issue that customers have had is the appearance of the indoor unit, this effectively being a white box on the wall, which is not to everyone likes.  Hence Mitsubishi Electric introduced the ZEN range of air conditioners and heat pumps a few years back. Whilst the actual hardware and components of the indoor unit are the same they redesigned the facia and body of the indoor unit to give a much sleeker and appealing design, especially to customers who were having these installed in their houses, these new models are available in a range of colours to suit most people’s tastes.

Take a look at Mitsubishi Electric website that gives a great deal of information on the product. The Mitsubishi Zen air to air heat pumps are available either as single systems or the indoor units can be fitted onto their range of multi outdoor unit’s to give greater flexibility, with three sizes of outputs available from three separate models. As technology has moved on there are also a number of add on options available, one of the most popular these days is the ability to control the system via wi-fi. An extra control card is fitted into the Zen indoor unit, this then allows the system to be controlled via a downloadable app which is installed on your Smartphone of tablet device. Take a look at the video below which gives information on the Mitsubishi Electric Zen.

Video On The Mitsubishi Electric Zen Systems


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