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Power Inverter Wall Mounted

The Mitsubishi Electric power inverter wall mounted range offer pipe runs up to 50 meters and even longer at 75 meters for the 10kw models. This makes them ideal in applications where it is not possible to fit the condenser unit close by the indoor unit.

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Mitsubishi Electric PKA-RP35HAL Power Inverter Wall
The Mitsubishi Electric PKA-RP35HAL power inverter wall mounted system is the smallest in this parti..
Ex Tax: £1,312.50

Mitsubishi Electric PKA-RP50HAL Wall Mounted
The most popular model in the power inverter range is the PKA-RP50HAL. This powerful wall mounted mo..
Ex Tax: £1,550.83

 Mitsubishi PKA-RP60KAL Air Heat Pump
The Mitsubishi PKA-RP60KAL air heat pump model offers a powerful heating performance coupled to summ..
Ex Tax: £1,660.00

Mitsubishi Electric PKA-RP71KAL Wall Mounted Air Condiitoner
The PKA-RP71KAL power inverter model from Mitsubishi Electric Is an air conditioner and heat pump sy..
Ex Tax: £1,746.67

Mitsubishi Electric PKA-RP100KAL Power Inverter Heat Pump
The Mitsubishi Electric PKA-RP100KAL power inverter model is the largest output model in the power i..
Ex Tax: £2,040.83