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Multi Split Inverter

A full range of the Mitsubishi Electric multisplit systems are available starting from 2 indoor units upwards. Models that can be connected to the multisplit system include the standard inverter high wall models and the Zen wall mounted models. There are many other combinations available that can be connected to the Mitsubishi Electric multi outdoor units, so contact us for further advice.

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Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-2D53VA2 Multi System
Multi inverter systems offer a number of benefits over single split systems the primary one being th..
Ex Tax: £1,290.83

Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-2D53VA2 - 2 Zen Indoor Units
This option uses the multi twin split system model MXZ-2D53VA2 from Mitsubishi Electric with 2 Zen i..
Ex Tax: £1,440.83

Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-3E54VA Multi Heat Pump
The Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-3E54VA multi outdoor unit can run 2 – 3 indoor units; we have shown it h..
Ex Tax: £1,676.67

MXZ-3E54VA Multi Inverter - 3 Zen Indoor Units
This option uses the Mitsubishi Electric multi inverter MXZ-3E54VA outdoor unit connected to the Zen..
Ex Tax: £1,901.67

Mitsubishi MXZ-4E72VA Multi Air Conditioning
The multi outdoor condenser unit from Mitsubishi Electric the MXZ-4E72VA can be partnered by 4 indoo..
Ex Tax: £2,390.83

Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-4E72VA - 4 Zen Indoor Units
Mitsubishi Electric the MXZ-4E72VA multi outdoor unit with four Zen high wall mounted indoor units. ..
Ex Tax: £2,690.83

Mitsubishi MXZ-4E83VA Air Heat Pump
The larger model Mitsubishi Electric multi outdoor unit is the MXZ-4E83VA which is capable of operat..
Ex Tax: £2,768.33

Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-4E83VA - Multi Air Conditioner
The Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-4E83VA outdoor multi unit can be partnered with a variety of combination..
Ex Tax: £3,080.83

Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-5E102VA - 5 High Wall Units
The MXZ-5E102VA outdoor unit from Mitsubishi with 5 high wall indoor units from the MSZ-SF range. Th..
Ex Tax: £3,159.17

Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-5E102VA Multi Inverter Heat Pump
This multi outdoor unit the MXZ-5E102VA is partnered with 5 Zen high wall units. This inverter multi..
Ex Tax: £3,534.17