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High Wall

A Range of one of the most popular manufacturers Mitsubishi Electric high wall mounted systems, there are 3 ranges the classic budget models the standard and the high efficiency range.

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Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-DM25VA Air Conditioner
Mitsubishi Electric has two budget models in their wall air conditioner and heat pump range this is ..
Ex Tax: £441.67

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-DM35VA Wall Heat Pump
If you are looking for an economical wall mounted heat pump and air conditioner system to run the Mi..
Ex Tax: £511.67

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-SF25VE3
The MSZ-SF25VE3 is the smallest output model in the Mitsubishi Electric inverter heat pump range. Th..
Ex Tax: £545.00

MSZ-SF35VE3 Wall Mounted Air Conditioner
The new FH series from Mitsubishi Electric combines a number of new features in their wall mounted h..
Ex Tax: £631.67

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-SF50VE3 Heat Pump
The MSZ-SF50VE3 is rated at 5kw nominal heating and cooling output and offers an excellent way to pr..
Ex Tax: £825.00

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GF60VE2 Air Conditioner
This larger wall mounted air heat pump and air conditioner the MSZ-GF60VE2 from Mitsubishi Electric ..
Ex Tax: £891.67

MSZ-GF71VE2 Air Conditioning
The MSZ-GF71VE2 Inverter heat pump is the biggest output model in Mitsubishi Electric range of wall ..
Ex Tax: £1,178.33