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Mitsubishi Ecodan PUHZ-W112VAA
The Mitsubishi Ecodan PUHZ-W112VAA air to water heat pump is the most popular output model in the ra..
Ex Tax: £3,950.00

Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ50VE2 Air Heat Pump
Floor mounted systems are very popular in domestic properties this model the MFZ-KJ50VE2 from Mitsub..
Ex Tax: £1,341.67

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP25VG
The MSZ-AP25VG is the smallest output model in the Mitsubishi Electric inverter heat pump range. The..
Ex Tax: £571.67

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN50VG Inverter
The Mitsubishi MSZ-LN50VG is not only one of the most high quality units out there, but also has fea..
Ex Tax: £1,140.83

Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-3F54VF Multi Heat Pump
The Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-3F54VF multi outdoor unit can run 2 – 3 indoor units; we have shown it h..
Ex Tax: £1,780.00

Mitsubishi Electric PUHZ-SHW112YHA Zubadan
The Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SWH112YHA heat pump can be connected to a variety of indoor uni..
Ex Tax: £2,540.83

Mitsubishi Electric Zen MSZ-EF50VG Heat Pump
The MSZ-EF50VG is the largest Zen wall mounted unit in the Mitsubishi Electric range. The indoor uni..
Ex Tax: £996.67

Mitsubishi SLZ-M50FA 5Kw Compact Cassette
The 5Kw rated SLZ-M50FA compact cassette from Mitsubishi Electric offers businesses a year round hea..
Ex Tax: £1,325.00

Mitsubishi Ecodan PUHZ-HW140VHA2 Heat Pump
Available in single and 3 phase formats the Ecodan PUHZ-HW140VHA2 is the largest output model in the..
Ex Tax: £4,999.17

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN60VG Wall Mounted
The largest system in this range, the MSZ-LN60VG is capable of providing comfortable and pure air to..
Ex Tax: £1,244.17

Mitsubishi Electric PKA-M71KA Wall Mounted Air Condiitoner
The PKA-M71KA power inverter model from Mitsubishi Electric Is an air conditioner and heat pump syst..
Ex Tax: £1,960.83

Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW140YHA
The Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan PUHZ-SHW140YHA outdoor unit offers heating to a maximum capacity of ..
Ex Tax: £2,958.33

MSZ-AP35VG Wall Mounted Air Conditioner
The new AP series from Mitsubishi Electric combines a number of new features in their wall mounted h..
Ex Tax: £668.33

MXZ-3F54VF Multi Inverter - 3 Zen Indoor Units
This option uses the Mitsubishi Electric multi inverter MXZ-3F54VF outdoor unit connected to the Zen..
Ex Tax: £1,980.00

Mitsubishi Ecodan With EHPT20X-MHCW Packaged Water Cylinder
The EHPT20X-MHCW is a packaged cylinder of 200 litres capacity designed for use with the Mitsubishi ..
Ex Tax: £4,348.33

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP50VG Heat Pump
The MSZ-AP50VG is rated at 5kw nominal heating and cooling output and offers an excellent way to pro..
Ex Tax: £901.67

Mitsubishi Electric PKA-M100KA Power Inverter Heat Pump
The Mitsubishi Electric PKA-M100KA power inverter model is the largest output model in the power inv..
Ex Tax: £2,260.00

Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan With EHSC-VM6B Hydrobox
The Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan with the EHSC-VM6B Hydrobox. All Zubadan outdoor units can be used i..
Ex Tax: £4,331.67

Mitsubishi MXZ-4E83VA Multi Air Conditioning
The multi outdoor condenser unit from Mitsubishi Electric the MXZ-4E83VA can be partnered by 4 indoo..
Ex Tax: £2,915.83

Mitsubishi Ecodan With Standard Water Cylinder 150 Litres
The Mitsubishi range of air to water heat pumps are available with a 150 litre pre plumbed cylinder ..
Ex Tax: £3,965.00