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MFZ-KJ25VE2 Floor Mounted Air Conditioner
Floor mounted heat pumps and air conditioners such as the Mitsubishi Electric ranges are very popula..
Ex Tax: £1,026.67

Mitsubishi Electric Compact Cassette SLZ-M25FA
Compact ceiling cassettes offer small businesses a space saving heating and cooling solution with th..
Ex Tax: £1,008.33

Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan PUHZ-W50VHA2
Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan PUHZ-W50VHA2 is the smallest monoblock air to water heat pump in the rang..
Ex Tax: £2,434.17

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HR25VF Air Conditioner
Mitsubishi Electric has two budget models in their wall air conditioner and heat pump range this is ..
Ex Tax: £464.17

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN25VG Heat Pump
Mitsubishi Electric have designed the most premium looking units one could ever wish for, becoming a..
Ex Tax: £665.00

Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-2F42VF Multi System
Multi inverter systems offer a number of benefits over single split systems the primary one being th..
Ex Tax: £1,242.50

Mitsubishi Electric PKA-M35HA Power Inverter Wall
The Mitsubishi Electric PKA-M35HA power inverter wall mounted system is the smallest in this particu..
Ex Tax: £1,492.50

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Interface Board MAC-5671F
The Mitsubishi MAC-5671F wi-fi interface board plugs into the indoor unit of the system and allows w..
Ex Tax: £80.00

Mitsubishi Electric Zen MSZ-EF25VG
The Mitsubishi Electric Zen range of wall mounted air conditioners and heat pumps offers an elegant ..
Ex Tax: £638.33

PAR-40MAA Mitsubishi Electric Wired Remote Controller
This is the popular advanced wired remote controller for the Mitsubishi range of air heat pumps, wit..
Ex Tax: £82.50

Mitsubishi Ecodan PUHZ-W85VAA Heat Pump
Mitsubishi Electric manufactures the Ecodan PUHZ-W85VAA model in the UK. This air to water heat pump..
Ex Tax: £3,316.67

Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ35VE2 System
The MFZ-KJ35VE2 is the mid range floor mounted / low wall system from Mitsubishi Electric. The styli..
Ex Tax: £1,150.00

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HR35VF Wall Heat Pump
If you are looking for an economical wall mounted heat pump and air conditioner system to run the Mi..
Ex Tax: £537.50

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN35VG Air Conditioner
The Mitsubishi MSZ-LN35VG is a 3.5kw model, making it perfect for larger master bedrooms or small-me..
Ex Tax: £785.00

Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-2F42VF - 2 Zen Indoor Units
This option uses the multi twin split system model MXZ-2F42VF from Mitsubishi Electric with 2 Zen in..
Ex Tax: £1,375.83

Mitsubishi Electric PKA-M50HA Wall Mounted
The most popular model in the power inverter range is the PKA-M50HA. This powerful wall mounted mode..
Ex Tax: £1,749.17

Mitsubishi SLZ-M35FA Cassette Heat Pump
Ideal for small communal office areas up to 35 square meters the Mitsubishi Electric SLZ-M35FA compa..
Ex Tax: £1,141.67

Mitsubishi Zubadan PUHZ-SHW112VHA
The Zubadan ranges of heat pumps are able to offer reliable heating for properties in cold climates...
Ex Tax: £2,375.00

Zen MSZ-EF35VG Air Conditioner
High wall air conditioners are the most popular type of indoor unit in domestic applications so you ..
Ex Tax: £751.67

 Mitsubishi PKA-M60KA Air Heat Pump
The Mitsubishi PKA-M60KA air heat pump model offers a powerful heating performance coupled to summer..
Ex Tax: £1,867.50