Hydro-S 10 Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Hydro-S 10 Swimming Pool Heat Pump
Brand: HydroPro
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The Hydro-S 10 swimming pool heat pump from the manufacturer Hydropro offers one of the most cost effective ways to heat your swimming pool. These heat pumps are designed for use in swimming pools that are used in the summer months only. This particular model can heat a pool with a volume of 40 cubic metres of water. The Hydro-S 10 has a titanium alloy heat exchanger for long life and easy to use and set up. Full specifications on the Hydro-S 10 can be found in the brochure below.

We recommend that all pool heat pumps are fitted with a bypass kit to allow optimum running of the pool heat pump, click here to see our swimming pool bypass kits.

  • Hydro-S 10 swimming pool heat pump
  • 2 year warranty
  • Suitable for pools with up to 40 cubic metres of water
  • Operates at an air temperature of 8°c and above – Suitable for summer use pools
  • Easy to use controls

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