Hydropro Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

We have a full range of the Hydropro swimming pool heat pumps that offer a cost effective way of heating your swimming pool. The Hydropro Eco range are designed for heating swimming pools that are used in the summer months only, we suggest June through to September. These well-made models are simple to install and come with manually operates controls, the Hydropro Eco range will operate at temperatures above 8°c. The Hydropro standard range of swimming pool heat pumps are our biggest selling range and start from the Hydropro 7 model rated at 7 kilowatts right up to the Hydropro 30 model rated at 30 kilowatts.  These pool heat pumps will operate down to an outside air temperature of -5°c and so can be used to heat swimming pools from spring until the end of autumn.

The Hydropro premium range of pool heat pumps can heat your swimming pool year round as they will operate down to an outside air temperature of -10°c. These models have larger heat exchangers and use R410A refrigerant gas which enables them to operate far more efficiently over the full operating temperature range than many of the competitors. The premium range is available in size up to the Hydropro + 30T premium model.

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