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P18EN.NSK Air Conditioning Heat Pump System

P18EN.NSK Air Conditioning Heat Pump System
Brand: LG Electronics
Product Code: P18EN.NS2
Availability: In Stock
Price: £802.00
Ex Tax: £668.33

Probably the cheapest 5Kw system on the market from a major manufacturer the P18EN.NSK model. This high wall mounted model is a full heat pump system that can heat and also air condition with an added dehumidification function. You can use the automatic function on this model and the system will automatically change between modes to keep the temperature at the setpoint you have selected. Amongst the optional extras available is a hardwired controller with full monthly timer functions on if required.

  • Includes outdoor unit, indoor unit and remote controller
  • Max cooling: 5.5kw
  • Max heating: 6.4kw
  • SCOP: 4.00
  • SEER: 6.50
  • Pre-charged to 15 metres
  • 3 year parts warranty

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