LG MU2R17.ULO Multi Heat Pump

LG MU2R17.ULO Multi Heat Pump
Brand: LG Electronics
Product Code: LG-MU2R17.ULO
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* LG Twin Split:


The LG MU2R17.ULO twin split heat pump and air conditioning system offers a single outdoor unit that can run a variety of indoor units that can offer year round climate control. Each indoor unit comes with its own controller and can be independently controlled to offer maximum flexibility. The system can be set to run automatically at a set temperature with the indoor units monitoring the room temperature and adjusting their running modes automatically, thus maximising energy savings. We have a full range of installation materials also available to install these systems, with technical assistance available if required.

  • Includes outdoor unit, 2 indoor units and 2 remote controllers
  • Max cooling: 5.4kw
  • Max heating: 5.7kw
  • SCOP: 4.20
  • SEER: 7.50
  • Pre-charged to 15 metres
  • 3 year parts warranty

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