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LG Multi Split

LG make a full range of multi split air heat pump and air conditioning systems these start from twin split systems and go up to outdoor units that can have up to 5 indoor units connected. Most styles of indoor units such as wall mounted, cassette and ducted styles can be fitted to these outdoor multi condenser units

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LG MU2M15.UL4 Twin Multi Air Conditioner
This twin split MU2M15.UL4 system from LG is partnered with the Standard Plus white indoor units in ..
Ex Tax: £1,100.83

LG Twin Split Heat Pump MU2M15.UL4
LG has an extensive range of multi heat pump systems starting from the MU2M15.UL4 model that can hav..
Ex Tax: £1,327.50

LG MU2M17.UL4 Multi Heat Pump
The LG MU2M17.UL4 twin split heat pump and air conditioning system offers a single outdoor unit that..
Ex Tax: £1,142.50

LG MU2M17.UL4 Twin Split System
If you are looking for a stylish multi split air conditioner and inverter heat pump system take a lo..
Ex Tax: £1,369.17

Multisplit Inverter LG MU3M19.UE4
The LG MU3M19.UE4 inverter heat pump and air conditioning system offers economical year round heatin..
Ex Tax: £1,205.83

LG MU3M19.UE4 Multi Twin Split Air Conditioning
The more powerful LG multi split MU3M19.UE4 outdoor unit can operate 2-3 indoor units; this particul..
Ex Tax: £1,460.83

LG MU3M19.UE4 Triple Split Inverter Heat Pump
The smaller of the LG multi outdoor units than can run 3 indoor units, the MU3M19.UE4 can operate a ..
Ex Tax: £1,347.50

LG MU3M19.UE4 Triple Split Inverter Heat Pump
Multi split inverter systems offer compact outdoor units that can run a number of indoor units of di..
Ex Tax: £1,687.50

LG MU3M21.UE4 - 3 Indoor Units
The LG MU3M21.UE4 outdoor unit can run three indoor units of different outputs. The MU3M21.UE4 outdo..
Ex Tax: £1,468.33

LG Multisplit Inverter System MU3M21.UE4
The MU3M21.UE4 is the triple split heat pump system manufactured by LG Electronics and features 3 LG..
Ex Tax: £1,850.83

LG MU4M25.U44 - 4 Standard Plus Indoor Units
The LG MU4M25.U44 outdoor unit – With 4 white Standard Plus high wall indoor units, these can be eit..
Ex Tax: £1,862.50

LG MU4M25.U44 - 4 Artcool Mirror Indoor units
The LG MU4M25.U44 multi outdoor air conditioning unit can be connected to a variety of the LG ranges..
Ex Tax: £2,315.83

LG MU4M27.U44 With 4 Standard Plus Wall Mounted Units
The LG MU4M27.U44 outdoor unit can run 4 indoor units and has a maximum capacity of 9.5Kw in cooling..
Ex Tax: £2,018.33

LG MU4M27.U44 Multi Split - 4 Wall Mounted Units
All of the range of LG multi split outdoor units use the latest intelligent inverter control to give..
Ex Tax: £2,528.33

LG MU5M30.U44 Heat Pump - 5  Standard Plus Indoor Units
If you are looking for an economical to run air heat pump system that can run 5 indoor high wall uni..
Ex Tax: £2,255.00

LG MU5M30.U44 Multi Air Heat Pump - 5 Indoor Wall Units
The LG MU5M30.U44 multi split air heat pump unit has the ability to run either 4 or 5 indoor units o..
Ex Tax: £2,821.67