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LG Artcool AC18BQ.NSK Heat Pump

LG Artcool AC18BQ.NSK Heat Pump
Brand: LG Electronics
Product Code: AC18BQ.NSK
Availability: In Stock
Price: £1,318.00
Ex Tax: £1,098.33

Rather than a white indoor unit the LG Artcool model AC18BQ.NSK indoor unit is a stylish slate grey finish which compliments modern decor. Rated at 5Kw this reverse cycle heat pump high wall model offers air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. The system comes complete with indoor, outdoor unit and wireless remote controller. This model uses the latest R32 environmentally friendly refrigerant gas. Installation kits are also available for this model, if an installation kit is required see installation "Kit B" in the installation kits category. If required you can also hire the vacuum pump testing rig which can also be found in the “Installation Kits” category.

Split air conditioning & heat pump system should be installed by qualified personnel holding an FGAS Certificate.

All indoor units now have Wi-Fi built in.

  • Includes outdoor unit, indoor unit and remote controller
  • Max cooling: 5.5kw
  • Max heating: 6.4kw
  • SCOP: 4.00
  • SEER: 6.50
  • Pre-charged to 15 metres
  • 3 year parts warranty

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