Heat Pump Air Conditioning Installation Kit - Kit A

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Installation Kit - Kit A
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* Installation Kit A:


Our Install kits are designed to install split air heat pump and air conditioning systems; they contain all necessary items listed below to install these systems. Included with the install kit are our comprehensive install instructions,

We have a very good technical knowledge of the products that we sell and offer our customers full technical back up via phone and email when they are installing their system.

We would also recommend that you hired our vacuum pump testing rig to commission the system, this is easy to use and comes with complete instructions. The cost to hire this is £94 click here for full details on the hire of the vacuum testing rig.

  • Set of copper pipes - Length as selected pipe sizes are 1/4" & 3/8"
  • Insulation to match copper pipes
  • 4 Core interconnecting cable the same length as copper pipes
  • 5 Metres condensate drain
  • Outdoor unit mounting bracket
  • 2 Packets of pipe fixing clips
  • 1 Packet of cable ties
  • 1 Pipe bending spring
  • 1 Copper pipe cutting tool
  • 1 Copper pipe flaring tool