Fujitsu UTY-TFSXF2 Wireless LAN Interface

Fujitsu UTY-TFSXF2 Wireless LAN Interface
Brand: Fujitsu
Product Code: UTY-TFSXF2
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The Fujitsu UTY-TFSXF2 is a wireless LAN transmitter that allows you to control your air conditioning systems from your smartphone or tablet (whichever you'd prefer).  With 4 simple steps, you can have your system controlled by Wi-Fi:
step 1: Check the router compatibility
step 2: Check the smartphone/ tablet compatibility
step 3: Register an account with FGLair
step 4: Pair the device and feel the benefits of being able to control your air conditionining from your smartphone/ tablet!  

This Wi-Fi LAN is compatible with the following models: ASYG09KPCA, ASYG12KPCA, ASYG18KMTA, ASYG24KMTA.