Standard Wall Mount

A new Fujitsu range of high efficiency wall mounted heat pump systems designed to operate down to low outside air temperatures.

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Fujitsu ASYG07KMCC Air Heat Pump
Fujitsu have recently revamped there range of standard inverter air heat pumps. The smallest model a..
Ex Tax: £528.33

Fujitsu ASYG09KMCC Inverter
The 2.5kw Fujitsu ASYG09KMCC inverter wall mounted model is one of our best selling air conditioners..
Ex Tax: £569.17

Fujitsu ASYG12KMCC Air Conditioning
Wall mounted heat pump and air conditioner units are the most popular choice to be installed in dome..
Ex Tax: £653.33

Fujitsu ASYG14KMCC Air Conditioning
Only a few manufacturers manufacture the 4.2kw wall mounted air conditioner and heat pump, the ASYG1..
Ex Tax: £799.17

Fujitsu ASYG18KMTB High Wall System
The 5kw / 18000Btu model ASYG18KMTB high wall system from Fujitsu has the capacity to heat and cool ..
Ex Tax: £880.83

ASYG24KMTB Wall Mounted System
The second largest Fujitsu wall mounted system split air heat pump that we sell is the Fujitsu ASYG2..
Ex Tax: £1,280.83

Fujitsu UTY-TFSXF2 Wireless LAN Interface
The Fujitsu UTY-TFSXF2 is a wireless LAN transmitter that allows you to control your air conditionin..
Ex Tax: £75.00

Fujitsu UTY-TFSXW1 LAN Wireless Interface
Take a look at the Fujitsu UTY-TFSXW1 is a Wi-Fi LAN interface which allows you to control certain a..
Ex Tax: £111.67