Ceiling Cassette Series

The standard cassette range of air conditioning systems from Fujitsu.

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Fujitsu Cassette AUXG18KRLB System
Take a look at the new Fujitsu Cassette range, using the new environmentally friendly R32 refrigeran..
Ex Tax: £1,245.83

Fujitsu Cassette AUXG22KRLB Heat Pump
The Fujitsu AUXG22KRLB is one of the smaller units in this range, being rated as a 6kw system. ..
Ex Tax: £1,366.67

Fujitsu AUXG24KRLB Cassette Air Conditioner
Take a look at the Fujitsu AUXG24KRLB, rated as a 7.1kw system.  This specific unit is perfect ..
Ex Tax: £1,481.67

Fujitsu Cassette AUXG30KRLB Air Conditioner
The Fujitsu AUXG30KRLB is an 8kw system that is perfect for providing optimum air conditioning to ro..
Ex Tax: £1,602.50

Fujitsu Cassette AUXG36KRLB Inverter System
Take a look at the Fujitsu AUXG36KRLB, which is one of the larger units in this spectacular range.&n..
Ex Tax: £1,806.67

Fujitsu AUXG45KRLB Cassette System
The Fujitsu AUXG45KRLB is the second largest unit in this range, being able to provide heating and c..
Ex Tax: £2,008.33

Fujitsu AUXG54KRLB Cassette Heat Pump
Take a look at the Fujitsu AUXG54KRLB, the largest unit in this range.  This specific system is..
Ex Tax: £2,342.50

Fujitsu UTY-TFSXJ3 Wi-Fi Adaptor
The Fujitsu UTY-TFSXJ3 Wi-Fi adaptor is a wireless LAN interface, which can be used on different typ..
Ex Tax: £76.67