Standard Wall Inverter

The range of high wall inverter systems from Daikin combine a host of features with excellent energy ratings in heating and air conditioner mode,

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Daikin Wall Inverter System FTXM20N
Daikin over a complete range of standard inverter wall mounted systems starting from the FTXM20N sys..
Ex Tax: £566.67

Daikin FTXM25N Air Conditioning Unit
The Daikin FTXM25N is one of the best selling air conditioning units that can not only provide summe..
Ex Tax: £613.33

Daikin FTXM35N Air Heat Pump
The Daikin FTXM35N air heat pump system offers a complete heating and air conditioning solution for ..
Ex Tax: £710.00

Daikin FTXM50N Air Conditioner - Heat Pump
Wall mounted air conditioners and heat pumps are popular for residential and smaller office installa..
Ex Tax: £945.00

Daikin FTXM60N Inverter Wall Air Conditioning
The Daikin FTXM60N offer high output heating and air conditioning from a wall mounted inverter syste..
Ex Tax: £991.67

Daikin FTXM71N Air Conditioner
The FTXM71N system by Daikin is the largest model in the standard air conditioner and heat pump rang..
Ex Tax: £1,349.17

Daikin Wi-fi Module BRP069B42
This is the Wi-fi Module for the FTX / FTXS series high wall mounted systems, and the FVXG / FVXS se..
Ex Tax: £72.50