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Clarke 371SP Halogen Heater - 110 Volts
The Clarke 371SP halogen heater operates off 110 volts so is suitable for building sites or industri..
Ex Tax: £125.83

Clarke 6003 Electric Fan Heater
The Clarke 6003 electric fan heater is built in a robust steel case and is suitable for heating smal..
Ex Tax: £50.83

Clarke DH10 Dehumidifier
The DH10 is one of two domestic dehumidifiers from Clarke, with a 10 litre per day water removal cap..
Ex Tax: £123.33

Clarke Little Devil II Propane Space Heater
Clarke have a full range of space heaters starting with the little devil propane space heater. The L..
Ex Tax: £79.17

Clarke Devil 370SP Quartz Halogen Heater - 230 Volt Model
The Clarke Devil 370SP quartz halogen heater is a 230 volt halogen heater. Two heat output settings ..
Ex Tax: £125.83

Clarke Devil 700 Propane Space Heater
The Clarke 700 propane space heater offers fast heating of small to medium workshops and warehouses ..
Ex Tax: £95.83

Clarke Devil 7003 Fan Heater
The Clarke Devil 7003 electric fan heater is suitable for heating small workshops and industrial uni..
Ex Tax: £55.00

Clarke DH20 Dehumidifier
The DH20 is one of two domestic dehumidifiers from Clarke, with a 20 litre per day water removal cap..
Ex Tax: £158.33

Clarke Devil 371P Quartz Halogen Heater - 110 Volts
An ideal solution for heating industrial areas the Clarke Devil 371P quartz halogen Heater comes in ..
Ex Tax: £125.83

Clarke Devil 6005 Fan Heater
The Clarke devil 6005 electric fan heater is the smallest in the 3 phase heater range with a heat ou..
Ex Tax: £70.83

Drum Fan - Clarke CAM24
The model CAM24 drum fan is manufactured by Clarke and comes with a one year guarantee. The 3 bladed..
Ex Tax: £110.83

Propane Space Heater - Clarke  Devil 900
The Devil 900 manufactured by Clarke is guaranteed to keep you warm in the workshop, garage or facto..
Ex Tax: £126.67

Clarke CAM30 Drum Fan
If you are looking for a powerful drum fan for cooling purposes the Clarke CAM30 model is certainly ..
Ex Tax: £149.17

Clarke Devil 1600 Propane Space Heater
The Clarke 1600 space heater is a new model, propane space heaters are very good at heating large op..
Ex Tax: £144.17

Clarke Devil 370P Halogen Heater - 230 Volts
This mains operated 230 volt halogen heater from Clarke model 370P offers economical heating of work..
Ex Tax: £125.83

Clarke Devil 6009 Industrial Fan Heater
Compact yet sturdy the Clarke 6009 industrial fan heater offers an ideal solution for heating indust..
Ex Tax: £117.50

Clarke Devil 2100 Propane Gas Space Heater
The Clarke devil 2100 propane gas space heater offers a high heating output that can be adjusted bet..
Ex Tax: £221.67

Clarke Devil 350B Ceramic Heater -110 Volt
The Clarke Devil 350B ceramic heater runs off a 110 volt electricity supply so can be used to heat o..
Ex Tax: £101.67

Clarke Devil 7009  Fan Heater
The Clarke Devil 7009 industrial fan heater is rated at 9kw heating output and offers an ideal solut..
Ex Tax: £125.83

Clarke Drum Cooling Fan CAM5002
If you are looking for a good quality reliable drum fan the Clarke model CAM5002 fits the bill. This..
Ex Tax: £157.50