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Lots of website have blogs these days so we wanted to offer something slightly different. Our Blog contains useful information about our products and feedback that we have had from customers, on the products they have bought. However Blogs often are not the most exciting things to read so we will add a dash of humour to the entries to keep the subject on a lighter note.

30 October 2018

Air Heat Pumps stock a wide range of Condensate Pumps – not the most interesting topic, I know, but without such items our air conditioning units would quickly become ineffective, and we should then be without the benefit of our air conditioning indoor units which, let’s face it, we do take very much for granted.  The Aspen mini aqua condensate pump is one of the most popular pumps for removing condensate water from the indoor units, Model FP2406/2 consists of a reservoir and pump with all additional items to install the pump and is the smallest pump on the market. The Aspen mini lime condensate pump replacement pump pack offers a straight OEM replacement pump for installs with the mini lime pump with trunking. This is the latest silent + model part number FP3322. The pack itself contains the Aspen mini lime condensate pump and all necessary items to install the replacement pump quickly and easily. The Aspen mini lime condensate pump kit contains all the necessary items to easily install a condensate pump to remove condensate water from a wall mounted indoor unit. The trunking kit makes the installation of the pump far easier than normal condensate pumps, as the pump and reservoir itself is built into the trunking elbow. These latest model mini lime pumps are silent running and now include an anti-siphoning device. The Aspen mini orange condensate pump is designed for water removal from larger wall mounted air conditioning units. The silent running mini orange pump model FP2212 contains all items to easily install this condensate pump, typical the pump itself is fitted above a false ceiling with the reservoir component being fitted directly onto the indoor unit condensate drain. If you are looking for a reliable and quiet condensate pump the Aspen mini orange condensate pump certainly fits the bill. The Aspen 1.7 litre max high flow tank pump offers a reliable and cost effective way to remove condensate water from air conditioning and boiler systems. The pump has a built in float which activates the pump and pumps water away. The outlet is also fitted with a non-return valve to stop water siphoning back into the pump. The Aspen standard peristaltic condensate pump operates via a cooling signal that turns the pump on. Peristaltic pumps can operate even when no water is present without damage. The pump can be sited up to 8 meters away from the water source and can also pump water to discharge head height of 12 metres.

6 September 2018

Air Heat Pumps supply a range of cellar cooling systems from Marstair and Fastline allows accurate temperature control in cellars where beers and wines are kept for restaurants and public houses. The Marstair range come in two options the R410A refrigerant versions where the indoor and outdoor components can be sited up to 15 metres apart, and the R407C refrigerant version up to 80 metres apart. All Marstair models have an electronic controller on the front of the indoor cooling unit to easily set the desired temperature to control at. The most popular models for smaller pub type cellars is the Marstair CXEA 30 model which typically can keep a beer cellar at 12.7°c with a size up to 26 square metres in size. We can also provide all the necessary install materials to install these cellar cooling systems and technical advice if required.

Air Heat Pumps also supply industrial and commercial fans, for offices and repair workshops.  The Broughton range are manufactured in the U.K. The Broughton MB30 Cooling Fan has varying speeds and can be ducted, only weighing 10Kg it is easily mobile and versatile. It has a 2 year guarantee and costs £241.00. The Boughton MB50 Cooling Fan can be ducted, weighs 18Kg; the fan can move large volumes of air but as they have sickle blade type construction are very quiet, priced at £316.00. The Broughton MB2000 Industrial Cooling Fan can be used for ventilation, extraction and cooling purposes,  it can be swivelled to direct the air flow and the frame has casters for ease of movement. Priced at £598.00 it weighs 61Kg. The Broughton VF250 Ventilation Fan only weighs 12Kg for ease of movement and is priced at £163.00, with the option of a further 10 metres of flexible duct, 250mm in diameter. The Broughton VF 300 Extractor Fan costs £178, also has the option of an extra 10 metres of flexible duct 300mm to be fitted. This option is also available for the VF400 Extractor Fan, at £362.00 and the VF600 priced at £598.00. All the Fans are available in either 110v or 240v to suit the building trade and industrial sites. A versatile range of cooling systems and fans to suit the very varied weather temperatures we are experiencing at the moment.

4 July 2018

Air Heat Pumps offers a comprehensive range of heaters and air conditioning systems, electric fan heaters, propane and halogen heaters – even Hydropro swimming pool heat pumps – lovely thought now that we are experiencing the Great British Summer, lovely and hot last week but raining now! We recommend the comprehensive Hydropro Range because it is a cost effective way of heating your swimming pool and also the versatility it offers from the Hydropro Eco, designed for heating swimming pools which you only use in the summer months of June to September, well-made, simple to install and have manually operated controls and will operate at temperatures above 8*c.
The Hydropro standard range of swimming pool heat pumps are our biggest selling range and start from the  Hydropro 7 model rated at 7 kilowatts right up to the Hydropro 30 model rated at 30 kilowatts.  These pool heat pumps will operate down to an outside air temperature of -5°c and so can be used to heat swimming pools from spring until the end of autumn.
The Hydropro premium range of pool heat pumps can heat your swimming pool year round as they will operate down to an outside air temperature of -10°c. These models have larger heat exchangers and use R410A refrigerant gas which enables them to operate far more efficiently over the full operating temperature range than many of the competitors. The premium range is available in size up to the Hydropro + 30T premium model.
The Hydropro 10 is one of our most popular swimming pool heaters, it has a titanium alloy heat exchanger for long life and easy to use and set up.
Air Heat Pumps also have a full range of heat exchangers that can be used to heat your swimming pool. These heat exchangers can be installed together with either boiler systems, solar panels, heat pumps and other sources of heating. They provide an effective and convenient way of heating your swimming pool. The heat exchangers have a number of different constructions from stainless steel such as the  Hi-Flow HF 75 Heat Exchanger  suitable for heating standard swimming pools, to the Titan range that have titanium alloy heat exchangers. These types of heat exchangers are particular suitable for salt water pools where the environment is far more corrosive, models such as the Hi-Flow Titan T 40 Heat Exchanger are particularly popular.
Air Heat Pumps will support your choice of swimming pool heaters with water pumps, filtration products and installation accessories. We can deliver to most European locations at very competitive rates, with delivery usually taking 5 to 7 working days after the placing of the order.  Delivery to the UK is normally 3 to 4 working days after order.  We can also assist with installation instructions by telephone and/or email.
We are already seeing the vagaries of the Summer Season – so prepare ahead for all the differing temperatures we will have before Autumn!

29 June 2018

Air Heat Pumps have noticed that “Air Heat Pumps” have proved themselves to have been excellent during our very varied weather this year!
The UK manufacturer Broughton have a good range of portable air conditioners, five in total. Varying in size and price. The MCM230 is a modest £1878.00; the MCWS250 is £3435.00; the MCM280 is £2190.00; the MCM350 is £3435.00 and top of the range is the MCWS500 at £7248.00. The versatility of this style of heating has been proved this winter, enabling both homes and commercial premises to maximise their warmth where needed, either as the main source of heating or as an extra avenue of heat to boost existing heating systems.  An excellent choice of warmth.

25 May 2018

Air Heat Pumps are not always the first systems which come to mind when new heating is required, however, they provide clean, efficient and, importantly, economical heating. Running costs usually need to be thought about very carefully.  At Air Heat Pumps we supply leading brands such as the Mitsubishi Electric Zen MSZ-EF25VE3 modestly priced at £729.00; the Mitsubishi SCM45ZM-S Multisplit system at £1,295.00 and the Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-5E102VA consisting of five (5) High Wall Units, at £3,791.00. We supply the SRK25ZS-S Inverter Heat Pump priced at £577.00. The Fujitsu AGYG12LVCA Low Wall at £1,025.00 would be ideal for heating a conservatory, making it suitable for all weather conditions – especially useful during our very changeable Winter this year! The LG MU4M25.U44-4 Artcool Mirror Indoor Units are attractive and at £2,779.00 offer good value. The LG Stylist GO9WL.NS3 Air Conditioner is £1,018.00. The LG Artcool Mirror AMO9BP.NSJ Air Conditioner is £773.00. Panasonic Etherea CS-Z35TKEW Inverter System is £872.00. The Daikin Economy FTXB35C Wall Mounted Inverter is £642.00. Heat Pump Air Conditioning Kit A is priced at £145.00, and is supplied with Fitting Instructions, backed up by our Technical Team if your fitter should require any assistance.  All the Systems come complete with Guarantee.  Our Team are happy to give any help needed to assist you in choosing the best Heating to suit your requirements.

27 April 2018

Air Heat Pumps have supplied several urgently required units during this extremely cold and very wet weather. Choosing this form of heating is a clean, economic form of heating, which is environmentally friendly (so important now). Why choose Air Heat Pumps as your supplier, you might very well ask, well we provide top of the range heating from the modestly priced SRK25ZS-S Inverter Heat Pump at £577.00, to the top of the range Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-5E102VA 5 High Wall Units at £3791.00. Fujitsu, the LG range and Panasonic all provide reliable heating.  All the systems are covered by the manufacturers guarantee.  Fitting kits are also available which are supplied with a fitting instruction manual, and backed up by our experienced team of technical advisors who would be happy to give advice to fitters should such assistance be required.



20 October 2017

Just a word if you need any installation items to install an air conditioning system or heat pump. It might not be the most glamorous subject but without these items it will be impossible to install these systems. We have a wide range of copper pipe in various sizes and lengths to fit all major brands of air conditioning systems. Other vital install parts are the outdoor condenser brackets to install the heat pump outdoor unit, again we have a range of sizes for different weight of units. Most air conditioning systems will also require numerous other install items dependent on the type of installation. If you look in our accessories category will find our full selection of installation materials that we stock.

10 October 2017

There not the most exciting things in the world but they certainly are needed with air conditioning units. Take a look at some of the new developments in the condensate pump world

Aspen Max High Flow Tank Pump 1.7 Litre The pump has a built in float which activates the pump and pumps water away. The outlet is also fitted with a non-return valve to stop water siphoning back into the pump. At £64.00 offers great value.Aspen High Lift Tank Pump 1 Litre The Aspen high lift 1 litre tank pump can pump condensate water away up to a height of 12 metres. This robust and reliable tank pump offers the ideal solution to remove condensate water from inaccessible areas for air conditioning and boiler systems. £109.00Aspen 2 Litre High Lift Tank Pump This pump can remove and pump condensate water to a head height of 12 metres making it suitable where condensate water requires to removed from lower floors of buildings. £118.00.

12 March 2017

Hi Folks
Well, we have certainly been enjoying this bright, sunny weather and looking forward to the Spring. In our office we are liking the variety of warmth provided by our own heating system; on the cooler days we have the warmth and on the sunny days we turn it to the cooling side. Bliss!  If you find that any of your family members at home want to change the temperature of your living conditions, at the switch of a button, why not contact us on the telephone number below and benefit from the expertise of our staff? You will also find the variety of heating types could also be beneficial for your office or workshop areas providing all the variety you could wish for to provide warm, safe heating or cooling to ensure that all the needs of your staff are met and also minimize your expenditure. Just call us on 02477-220956 if you need advice on the most suitable type and size for your premises. Delivery is usually within two to three working days, sometimes quicker!

4th November 2016

Beginning to turn a tad nippy now, after a very mild October.  So, just the time to sort out a new or replacement heater for your industrial or commercial premises.  Don't wait for your workers to complain, order it now before the annual December rush.  "You know it makes sense, Rodney !!"

We sell all types and sizes of heaters - fan, propane gas, ceramic, infra-red, halogen, deisel.  Just call us on 02477-220956 if you need advice on the most suitable type and size for your premises.  If we have them in stock they are usually delivered next working day.

If you are looking for heating for your residential property, then have you ever thought about air-to-air systems?  The beauty of these 'reverse-cycle' systems are that they can be used for heating in the winter months, and for cooling in the summer.  We sell a large range of different types of system, from a number of the major manufacturers in the market place - Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Daikin, Panasonic, Hitachi, Samsung, get the drift.  These systems can be simple single-split systems with one outdoor unit and one indoor unit, or they can be multi-systems where a larger specification outdoor condenser unit can service up to 6 indoor units. You also have a number of choices when it comes to the type of indoor unit.  Again, give us a bell on 02477-220956 if you need advice.

26th January 2016

There has been a lot of interest recently in the full range of Broughton heaters.  Their fan heaters can be used in a wide variety of business and commercial premises, and they have a large range starting with the small FF3 heater, which is predominantly used in small offices and cabins.  If you have large premises to heat then you may find that the FF29 heater is more suitable.  The middle of the range includes the FF12 heater, the FF13 heater and the popular FF23 heater.  Most models can include ducting options for spreading the heat output over a wider area.  Full details of all of these models can be found on the website, or by clicking the links above.  You can also call us on 02477-220956 if you want further advice on the best 'fit' for your particular premises. 

7th January 2016

Right, listen up !!  The weather is about to take a turn for the worse.  December was unusually warm, to the extent that some people have reported spring flowers appearing.  Well, a cold snap is approaching fast, and so now is the time to take stock of your existing business heating requirements.  Maybe you need a replacement heater for one that is past its sell-by date, and which your workers are forever complaining about?  Look no further - we sell a wide range of industrial and commercial heaters to suit all sizes of business premises, and most can be delivered within 2 to 3 working days.  If you need advice on what

type and size, then give us a call as we will be only too happy to help (02477-220956).  Don't leave it too late - act now !!

7th December 2015

Stop press !!!  Breaking news !!!  Halogen heaters are all the rage at the minute.  Ideal for draughty, small to medium sized workshops, repair bays, dispatch areas, these heaters use light waves to emit their heating output.  We can recommend Saturn Sales for all of your heating requirements, including advice on type, size and best location.  Delivery is usually within 2 to 3 working days maximum, unless you live in the Highlands and Islands !!  Don't wait for the cold weather in January and February, order one today.

Winter 2015 suddenly rears its head

After one of the warmest autumns on records, winter would appear to be with us - colder temperatures, driving rain, strong winds.  Don't wait for January and February, when the weather usually turns even colder.  If you have a business workshop / warehouse then it may be time to evaluate your heating options today.  We sell a large range of heaters (fan, halogen, diesel, propane) that come in a variety of sizes, and we almost certainly can sell you a model that will suit your specific business requirements.  We offer free advice (0845-026-7796) on the type and size for your premises, and can usually deliver within 2 to 3 days of you placing an order.  Heaters in stock can be delivered next day - unless you are in the very far reaches of Scotland or the Scottish Islands when it might take a little longer to reach you.

Talking of Scotland, we have recently sold a number of air-to-air and air-to-water systems to customers in the far north and Orkney/Shetland.  Both of these systems are becoming increasingly popular in new builds and major refurbishment projects, due to their cost-effectiveness and energy efficient properties.  If you are looking for a change to your domestic heating set-up and want further advice, then give us a call.

Summer 2015 will arrive - honestly !!

Whether you have a conservatory at your main residence, a summer home in the UK, a holiday home in some part of Europe or a swimming pool at any of these locations, then we at Air Heat Pumps will be able to assist you.  If you are looking at installing air-conditioning or a swimming pool heat pump for the first time, or are replacing an older system that has seen better days, then we can supply a range of makes and models to suit both your taste and requirements.  These modern air-to-air heat pumps can supply both air-conditioning in the summer months, and heating throughout the rest of the year.  There are also some very stylish models available these days if you fancy something slightly different.

Don't wait until the summer finally arrives, start thinking about it now.  Just think, you could have a system fitted into your conservatory in time for the Wimbledon fortnight.  If your swimming pool is still a tad on the chilly side, then just think of the benefits of a swimming pool heat pump.  Act now, by calling us on 02477-220956 for advice on makes, models and sizes.

Air Conditioning for summer 2015 - 24th April 2015

As we have been 'sweltering' (almost!!) in half decent temperatures for the past week or so, is it now time for you to think about installing air conditioning into your home or office environment?  Yes, I know that the forecast for the next week is predicting a return to rain and lower temperatures, but this is only a minor blip.  We sell a huge range of air conditioning systems, ranging from the standard high wall-mounted systems, to low wall-mounted, cassette models and ducted systems.  Most models these days also include allergen filters for the benefit of hay fever sufferers.  They range from single systems with one outside condenser unit servicing just one indoor unit, to multi-systems where the outside unit can service up to 5 indoor units.  Don't forget that these systems also double up as air heat pumps when the need arises.  We have makes and models to suit virtually every home and business environment.

The Panasonic range is always a popular selection with customers that trust that particular brand, with the Panasonic Etherea 3.5kw model proving to be a bestseller in the home or home/office. The low-wall models are ideally suited to conservatories so long as your dwarf wall is at least 600mm high, with the Fujitsu range encompassing the sleek look that is called for. 

If you require any assistance or advice in selecting the most suitable model and/or size, then please contact us on 02477-220956.

Need a new swimming pool heat pump? - 27 March 2015

Are you looking for a new pool heat pump, or has your existing pump passed it's sell-by date?  Has your 'better-half' been nagging you to get it sorted.  Well...look no further.  We can supply the latest Hydropro range of swimming pool heat pumps, which can be used from spring to late autumn, with the Hydropro 10 being one of our bestsellers.  Alternatively, the premium Hydropro+ range can be used all year round, with their capacity to work to an outside temperature of -10*C.  We can deliver to most European locations at very competitive rates, with delivery usually taking 5 to 7 working days after the placing of the order.  Delivery to the UK is normally 3 to 4 working days after order.  We can also assist with installation instructions by telephone and/or email.

For further information on the products please click on one of the links above, or alternatively contact John at Air heat Pumps on 02477-220956.

Some heater options this winter for your business - 06 February 2015

The one thing you can say about Britain is you never know what type of winter will prevail. If you run a business and require to heat the premises it’s often the case that companies put off selecting a heating system until it actually becomes cold and then impulse purchase a heater without thinking of it’s suitability. With this in mind we thought we might give you a few heating options that would be suitable. Our biggest selling range of heaters are the electric fan heater style, with the 3 phase models being the most popular, ranging in output from 5kw up to 15kw. Most businesses have a 3 phase electrical supply and hence it is possible to have a fairly large heat output, heater such as the Clarke 6015 fan heater connected to this type of electrical supply. Keep in mind however with a fan heater being an electrical element heater if it’s running at 15kw as an example, you will be consuming and paying for 15kw of electricity and hence this type of heater can become expensive to run.

If your business has offices and a warehouse where you dispatch your goods and orders from you may want to provide some source of heating where employees are in the warehouse, a couple of options are available. If for instance you need to provide some background heating to the whole area we would suggest a propane space heater. Models such as the Clarke 1500 propane space heater offer high heating outputs; you will however require some ventilation in the area for this style of heater. Another scenario may be in the corner of this warehouse you have a small office dispatch area where employees work at a desk. Rather than trying to heat the whole warehouse an infra-red halogen heater would be more suitable as you can just spot heat this local area. Take a look at the Clarke range of halogen heaters and models such as the Clarke 371sp halogen heater.

Autumn is coming - 19 September 2014

Hello bloggers, sorry I haven’t been around too much lately, we have been busy bunnies trying to source fans for the amazing summer heat the UK has had recently, that combined with a holiday to Majorca anyway I digress.....

Autumn will soon be upon us once more and this lovely September weather will not be here for too much longer (I would guess) which brings me round to the topic of this blog......  The one room that adds an enormous amount of pleasure during the warmer months but can only be used to protect some of the more delicate plants during the cooler ones, it’s the conservatory of course (or orangery if you have a rather large one!).  The best way to make better use of the conservatory is to install an air source heat pump.  You can choose from low wall (Fujitsu) or standard high wall systems (Mitsubishi) and either of these systems can heat during the cooler months and cool during the hot sticky summer, making the conservatory potentially available all year round compared to possibly nowadays. Imagine Christmas dinner around the big dining table init eh conservatory surrounded by family (and/or friends) looking out across a beautiful crisp (and potentially snow filled) garden, what more could you ask for (besides a new car, holiday, diamonds......)

Air conditioning for the summer - 23 July 2014

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet, good old Bob Marley for those words and how true they are right now.  Well what with the heat wave we are currently experiencing here in Great Britain, sales of fans have gone through the roof, but at the end of the day all fans do is move the warm, humid air around, what you need is the glory of an air conditioning unit (or two).  I am a lover of the heat however I like a lot of people I speak to don’t sleep as well,