Mini Blue Condensate Pump - Temperature Sensing Model X87-504

Mini Blue Condensate Pump - Temperature Sensing Model X87-504
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The Mini Blue condensate pump manufactured by Charles Austen uses their unique rotary diaphragm patented design. Unlike piston style pumps that can be noisy in operation these pumps are extremely quiet in operation. These condensate pumps are normally located in false ceiling and suck up condensate water from a wall mounted unit for instance up to a height of 5 meters difference. Control of the pump is via the temperature sensor cable supplied, this has blue and red thermocouple ends. The blue sensor is fitted in front of the evaporator coil and the red sensor is normally fitted into the adjacent trunking. When the indoor unit turns on in cooling mode the temperature difference is sensed and the pump turns on.

The design of the Mini blue condensate pump model X87-504 means the pump can run for long periods and in our opinion these condensate pumps are the most reliable models on the market with a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Take a look at the video below on how to install this particular style of condensate pump. We also have a brochure to download which gives full details on the mini blue condensate pump

Charles Austen mini blue condensate pump
230 volt version - Model X87-504
Comes with manufacturers 3 year guarantee
Made in Britain
Pump suction lift of 5 meters
Pumping head of 8 meters
8 Litres per hour flow rate

Charles Austen mini blue condensate pump

Video How To Install the Mini Blue Condensate Pump