Maxi Blue Condensate Pump - Reservoir Option X87-701

Maxi Blue Condensate Pump - Reservoir Option X87-701
Brand: Blue Diamond
Product Code: X87-701
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The Blue Diamond Maxi Blue condensate pump is the next model up from the Mini Blue pump with a higher condensate water pumping rate, with the pump itself using the patented rotary diaphragm technology allowing the pump to operate even when dry with no damage occurring. The Maxi Blue condensate pump offers a number of water sensing options to be fitted to suit your installation which are listed below, full details can also be found in the brochure at the bottom of the page.

This is the reservoir sensing option

Reservoir sensor – Simply connect the water reservoir to the condensate drain fitted to the drip pan and when water is detected the solid state sensor will turn the pump on and remove the water. Unlike reservoirs that have float sensors that can sometimes stick the solid state sensor has no moving parts, to give years of trouble free service.

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  • Maxi Blue condensate pump
  • 3 water sensing options available
  • Comes with manufacturers 3 year guarantee
  • Made in Britain
  • Pump suction lift of 8 meters
  • Pumping head of 8 meters
  • 14 Litres per hour flow rate

Maxi Blue Condensate Pump