Condensate Pumps

Wall mounted air conditioning units will produce water when operated in cooling mode, this is a result of the warmer air room air being sucked in at the indoor unit and passing over the colder evaporator coils of the indoor unit. All wall mounted units have condensate drain connections either side of the drip tray that is built into the indoor unit are not required if these drain connections can be connected to the drain hose and then routed via a gravity route to a suitable drain point. However if the condensate drain route goes upwards, for instance the route taken may be via trunking with the condensate drain going upwards in to a ceilings void before being attached to a suitable drain point, then a condensate pump will be required as we all know water cannot run up hill.

There are a number of condensate pump manufactures with probably the best known being Aspen and Charles Austen. The Aspen ranges have a number of pump types including the mini lime series which are the most common pump type fitted. All Aspen condensate pumps operate on the principle of a piston pump built into the actual condensate pump to physically pump away the water. This is generally activated by a signal being passed to the pump itself via a float chamber that fills up with water. Charles Austen the other condensate pump maker manufacturers the Blue Diamond range of pumps that we feature. This range of condensate pumps operate via a different principle. The smallest and most popular pump is the Mini Blue and Maxi Blue range. These pumps operate via a rotary cam the presses on a flexible tube that creates a vacuum and sucks the water up from the drip tray on the indoor unit. Both makes are good reliable products, the Aspen pumps being a bit cheaper to buy. However because the Blue Diamond condensate pumps do not use a piston type arrangement to pump the water, they tend to be quieter and are not prone to noise which sometimes occurs to the piston style of condensate pumps as they become older.

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Mini Lime Condensate Pump - With Ivory Trunking
The mini lime silent + condensate pump with slimline trunking in ivory is manufactured by Aspen and ..
Ex Tax: £147.50

Aspen Mini Lime Condensate Pump
If you are only looking to buy the mini lime condensate pump without trunking this is the option to ..
Ex Tax: £111.67

Aspen Slient+  Mini Aqua Condensate Pump
The mini aqua Silent + condensate pump is one of the smallest pumps available on the market and is d..
Ex Tax: £100.00

Aspen Silent + Mini Orange Condensate Pump
The Aspen Silent + Mini Orange condensate pump is one of the the best selling condensate pumps on th..
Ex Tax: £105.00

Aspen Max High Flow Tank Pump 1.7 Litre
The Aspen 1.7 litre is a high flow tank pump with a large water reservoir. This tank pump offers a r..
Ex Tax: £67.50

Mini Blue Condensate Pump - Temperature Sensing Model X87-504
The Mini Blue condensate pump manufactured by Charles Austen uses their unique rotary diaphragm pate..
Ex Tax: £95.00

Mini Blue Condensate Pump - Constant Running Model X87-500
The Blue Diamond Mini Blue condensate pump is also available in a constant running format this model..
Ex Tax: £82.50

Microblue X86-008 Condensate Pump - With White Ducting
X86-008 Microblue condensate pump with white trunking model has been designed to combine performance..
Ex Tax: £108.33

Maxi Blue Condensate Pump - Reservoir Option X87-701
The Blue Diamond Maxi Blue condensate pump is the next model up from the Mini Blue pump with a highe..
Ex Tax: £112.50

Maxi Blue Condensate Pump - Drainstick Option X87-702
Condensate pump - Maxi Blue Drainstick sensing X87-702 part of the Blue Diamond range of condensate ..
Ex Tax: £112.50

Maxi Blue Condensate Pump - Temp Sensing Option X87-703
Manufactured by Charles Austen the Maxi Blue condensate pump X87-703, this is the temperature sensin..
Ex Tax: £112.50

X87-813 Mega Blue Condensate Pump - Reservoir Sensing
The largest of the Blue Diamond condensate pump range the Mega Blue condensate pump X87-813 has a ho..
Ex Tax: £160.00

Mega Blue Condensate Pump X87-820 Drainstick Sensing
The X87-820 Mega Blue condensate pump is the Drainstick sensing option for this pump manufactured by..
Ex Tax: £160.00

Mega Blue Condensate Pump X87-814 Temperature Sensing
The X87-814 Mega Blue condensate pump with the temperature sensing option part of the Blue Diamond r..
Ex Tax: £160.00

Blue Diamond Pump Accessories
We have a range of sensor accessories that can be fitted to the Blue Diamond Mini and Maxi Blue cond..
Ex Tax: £22.50

Condensate Drain Hose
This condensate drain hose is designed to be used with wall mounted air conditioner units. The conde..
Ex Tax: £8.33

Condensate Drain Hose 6mm
6mm condensate drain hose designed to fit the outlets on our range of condensate pumps. The hose is ..
Ex Tax: £14.17