Air Conditioning Trunking

Our range of air conditioning trunking and trunking accessories allows you to conceal air conditioning and heat pump pipework for a neater installation, especially on residential projects.

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Inoac CD75 Trunking
Our range of Inoac CD75 air conditioning trunking comes in 2 metre lengths and is available in white..
Ex Tax: £16.67

Outlet Cover Air Conditioning Trunking - NW75
Our air conditioning trunking outlet covers are compatible with our Inoac air conditioning trunking...
Ex Tax: £7.29

Flat Elbow Air Conditioning Trunking - NE75
The flat elbow for use with Inoac air conditioning trunking 75mm size, the elbow allows 90 ° bends t..
Ex Tax: £7.29

Internal Elbow Air Conditioning Trunking - NC75
The internal 90 ° elbow allows air conditioning trunking to be routed around internal walls. The elb..
Ex Tax: £7.29

Equal Tee Air Conditioning Trunking - NT75
This air conditioning trunking equal tee allows 75mm Inoac trunking to be connected. The Tee comes i..
Ex Tax: £16.25

Socket Air Conditioning Trunking - NS75
If you require to join our Inoac trunking together to make a longer run the trunking jointing socket..
Ex Tax: £3.25

Wall Plate Air Conditioning Trunking - NK75
The wall plate allows Inoac air conditioning trunking to be neatly terminated when going through a w..
Ex Tax: £3.96

Trunking 45 Degree Elbow - NM75
The Inoac 45 degree air conditioning trunking elbow NM-75 allows connection to the Inoac CD75 trunki..
Ex Tax: £6.08

Inoac Trunking Corner Cap - NA75
Inoac Trunking Corner Cap - NA75 allows connection to the Inoac CD75 trunking that we sell. The corn..
Ex Tax: £9.65

Inoac NF75 Trunking Flexible Joint
Inoac NF75 Trunking Flexible Joint allows connection to the Inoac CD75 trunking that we sell, and so..
Ex Tax: £7.18

T72 - Black Air Conditioning Trunking
Take a look at our range of new black air conditioning.  This trunking is all made in Italy, an..
Ex Tax: £12.08

TM72 Black Outlet Cover
The TM72 outlet cover is designed for covering pipework and services that come through a wall, and i..
Ex Tax: £7.22

CP72 Black Horizontal Elbow
The all new CP72 black horizontal elbow is used for routing copper pipework in a 90° bend.  Thi..
Ex Tax: £6.79

CA72 Black Vertical Elbow
The CA72 is designed for hiding and routing air conditioning installation equipment (such as copper ..
Ex Tax: £6.79

DT72 Black Tee Piece
The new black DT72 is best used for when two sets of pipework join up, and go to the outdoor unit.&n..
Ex Tax: £18.90

MG72 Black Jointing Piece
The MG72 jointing socket is used for connecting two pieces of T72 trunking lengths, to help with mak..
Ex Tax: £5.58

RM72 Black Wall Plate
The RM72 wall plate is for when the T72 trunking meets a wall, and the customer is wanting the pipew..
Ex Tax: £5.52

CPS72 Black Jointed Elbow
The all new CPS72 jointed elbow is adjustable, to allow a curve ranging from 90°-135° on a flat wall..
Ex Tax: £7.55

TA72 Black Corner Cap
This TA72 corner cap is designed to route pipework through ceilings, and is to be used with this ran..
Ex Tax: £6.79

TS72 Black Pipe Outlet
Take a look at the new TS72 pipe outlet piece.  This is specifically used for the end of our bl..
Ex Tax: £5.78